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Yes, we are looking for talented writers who are interested in making a contribution to our blog.

Your fresh content is the one that satisfies  (**) thousands of daily visitors. Support us by sending your articles, and we support you by posting them online.

This is the way how it goes:

  • We expect every article to have 1000 words. Our beloved readers love to read informative articles. However, a 600-word article is acceptable in case your article is a “great one.”
  • Make the title of your article, the name of the document when sending it to us. Don’t send us your article naming it as, “submission.docx”.
  • You can  send the file in the formats .doc, .docs, .pdf.
  • The images you use should be in the formats PNG and JPG.
  • Sending us original work that you haven’t post elsewhere is highly advisable. We don’t tolerate plagiarism at all as it will damage our online reputation.
  • Avoid articles of adult-nature and obscene as we don’t post such articles on our blog.
  • Sending us your article means we get the right to re-edit it, if necessary.
  • With sufficient referencing, you can include ONE Outbound Link to support your article. Should you include one more Outbound Link; you can request for it.
  • We don’t accept spammy articles and articles written by article-generators. Sending us such articles will stop you from submitting your work in the future.

Explaining the process a bit better:

  • Sending us general information such as your information, topics, and the area you would cover via an E-mail is all you have to do first.
  • We will review your E-mail and get back to you confirming whether you can start writing for us. Send us your work as attachments.
  • Our blog is one of the most popular one available on the Internet, hence we give priority to quality. Which means you will have to edit your articles until our editorial team is happy with your article’s quality.
  • Our editorial team will inform you via an E-mail when your article is live on the blog.

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