Removalists Melbourne: The First 24 Hours After Moving

Removalists Melbourne: The First 24 Hours After Moving

Removalists Melbourne

Yes, you did it. The house move you were planning for weeks went smoothly, and you are in the new home with your family. Maybe you have some items to unpack. Anyway, don’t worry about it. After the hectic day, you deserve to crash into the bed and have a good sleep. What Removalists Melbourne got for you today? Well, settling in a new house can be challenging for anyone, including pets. Things are there to do in the first 24 hours that will make you used to the new environment. Today, Removalists Melbourne explain them in details.

1) Clean everything: OK, here I am assuming that you have unpacked all the boxes. So, empty boxes are everywhere. Packing paper, bubble wraps, and so on. Get everyone in your family for a house cleaning time. It’s better if you can give a quick clean before you move in. Anyway, the place will be a mess when the mover’s staff go after unloading and unpacking. Let your kids clean their own rooms in details. Cleaning the garden needs more time and energy so you can postpone it for a few more days. If you haven’t unpacked all the items yet, then don’t clean yet in detail because unpacking the boxes can make a mess again. Give a quick clean to pantry cupboards and wardrobes before you place items in them.

2) If you haven’t started unpacking yet, then it’s the first thing to start with. Unpack the first night bag first. It should have all the bathroom items, shower curtain, toothpaste, toothbrush, bedding, and so on. Let the kids go to bed early if they are too tired. Don’t ignore your pet too. If you board the pet for a few days until you settle in the new home, then you can concentrate on other things better.

Removalists Melbourne

Unpack the boxes in the right order. Firstly, the essential box. Secondly, the kitchen item boxes. You will mostly be too exhausted to cook dinner. Ordering food from a local take away shop is the recommendation of Removalists Melbourne. Don’t go to sleep without having a proper meal as you will need the energy to sort out things next day. If you are not confident in unpacking boxes with fragile items, Let Removalists Melbourne staff do it for you.

3) Some families tend to go for a walk in the new neighborhood on the first night. Well, it’s a good thing to do because you can get to know the local area earlier. You can have dinner at a local restaurant too. Anyway, since you are not 100% familiar with the new neighborhood, take precautions. Well, you should know about the new neighborhood from A to Z before choosing the house.

4) Arrange furniture: You might need help from professionals when arranging furniture. If you give a floor plan to Removalists Melbourne in advance, then our staff will arrange furniture before leaving your premises. A tip for DIY friends: Arrange furniture when your helpers are there around. You can’t move these heavy items yourself.

Some final words: You can change the order if you find it easy. If you DIY the move, then the situation is going to be more challenging. Hire a professional mover such as Removalists Melbourne.

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