How to Compare Cheap Movers Melbourne? Part-2

How to Compare Cheap Movers Melbourne? Part-2

Cheap Movers Melbourne

How to Compare Cheap Movers Melbourne

Hi, friends. So, here’s the part-2 of “How to Compare Cheap Movers Melbourne?” In the last article, I stopped with the list of things to look for number 11. So, let’s start with number 12.

12) Additional services? What else they provide other than loading and unloading? Top-class Cheap movers Melbourne provide additional services to their customers, not just loading and unloading.

13) Professional packing? Fragile and antique items need special packing methods and material. Well, a moving firm can charge you a bit extra for packing services, but they should give you a good discount on that. Some movers provide their customers packing supplies for free.

14) Temporary storage? Again, some Cheap Movers Melbourne offer their customers temporary storage facilities. If you are worried that your precious antique table would get damaged during the moving process, you can ask them to store it safely for a certain time period.

15) How about their reviews on reputable movers reviews sites? Visit one of those review sites and see what customers say about that Cheap Movers Melbourne. Reading reviews is better than reading reviews on the company website.

16) How about your other trustworthy sources? Your friends, family members, and co-workers. Recommendations from your friends is a great tool.

17) Is the company you are considering is a member of the Australian Furniture Removalists Association? If it is, you can trust them to a greater extent.

18) Liability coverage? What do they do for damaged and lost items? If it’s their fault, they should cover the total cost for damaged and lost items. Before hiring any Cheap Movers Melbourne, know everything about their liability coverage.

19) OK, a consultant visited your premises for an on-site assessment. How was he like? Was he polite or rude? Did he give you free advice on value protection plans? If the mover’s consultant was rude and careless, don’t hire them.

Cheap Movers Melbourne

Why an on-site assessment is important?: You can either call or fill an online form to book a consultant for an on-site assessment. Here’s your best time to ask questions. Ask everything about their company. How are they going to move your antique table safely?

Well, some Cheap Movers Melbourne would try to give you quotes over the phone or email. Say “no” to them because those quotes are not accurate enough. Also, this is a possible sign of moving scams. Schedule on-site assessments with 3-4 moving firms. Only then you can compare. Show everything to the mover’s consultant that go into the new house.

Compare quotes: OK, now you have quotes from 3-4 Cheap Movers Melbourne in your hand. How do you compare them? Well, you should focus on 3 areas.

1) Price: Every house owner wants to reduce moving cost as much as can. Comparing price alone is not recommended. In the 3rd point, I will explain why. Anyway, the price is a top thing to consider when finalizing the Cheap Movers Melbourne you hire.

2) Dodgy estimations: The price of top-class moving firms in Melbourne falls within a range. If a company gives you an estimation unnaturally low below the range, It’s safe to assume that they are dishonest movers. Well, you can ask them about why the estimation is too low. From their answers, you can come to a decision. Trust your intuition.

3) Additional services/value: In the 1st point, I explained price is not the only thing to consider. If a Cheap Movers Melbourne offers you free advice and additional services, you better hire them.

Great, I hope this article would be helpful for you to find the right Cheap Movers Melbourne. Moving is stressful, but hiring a good moving firm would reduce your stress to a greater extent. Good luck.

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