Cheap Movers Melbourne: Top Tips For Packing Breakables

Cheap Movers Melbourne: Top Tips For Packing Breakables

Cheap Movers Melbourne: Top Tips

For Packing Breakables

Cheap Movers Melbourne has extensive experience when it comes to packing. If you hire us, we make sure all your items are safe until the relocation process is complete. We are here not only to help our customers. Today, we are sharing our expert tips on packing fragile items. So, if you are planning a DIY move, read our top tips and save your fragile items.

* Don’t panic: Don’t get panic when you are packing breakables. Well, panicking is a common human factor, but it can cause disasters. Anyway, if you follow Cheap Movers Melbourne top tips; you don’t have to get panic ever again. Keep calm and go ahead.

* Be Prepared: Early preparation is the key to avoiding getting panic. When you are running out of time; you rush, panic, and tend to make mistakes. So, plan the move in advance. Well, I am talking to the people who DIY the move. If you hire Cheap Movers Melbourne, you will not get panic as we take care of the packing. Make a list of fragile items and the packing supplies needed for them. Keep the fragile items separately, so you know where they when you start packing. Don’t wait until the move day to start packing the breakables. Do it at least a day before, so you have enough time to do it safely without panicking.

* Right equipment: You can’t pack the breakables on a small table where they will fall off easily. Find a spacious place in the home for the purpose. Do this in the planning step. So, now you have an idea of what materials to use for packing. Well, Cheap Movers Melbourne provides quality packing supplies for customers, but since you are DIYing the move; finding the right packing supplies can be a challenge. Well, we have published articles about using reused boxes for fragile items packing. We don’t recommend using reused boxes anyway. Don’t pack the breakables in big boxes. Bubble wrap is the best material to wrap fragile items. Use ample of padding for each item. Triple corrugated cardboard boxes are the best option you have.

* Wrap each item with white paper if you pack more than one item in a box. Don’t put any other fragile item inside teapots and mugs, as when the truck shakes; items inside can get damaged. Tissue paper is another good choice if you don’t have white papers. Cheap Movers Melbourne mark every box with clear instructions (no matter what’s in.)

* Prepare for the worst: Use two boxes if you are using reused ones. Heavier items go to the bottom of the box. If you hire a professional mover like Cheap Movers Melbourne, ask for advice. Anyway, we advise our customers to leave fragile items to us.

Our blog has many informative articles on house moving tips. As mentioned, early preparation is the key for DIY house moves. Try to get some friends to help you with packing and loading/unloading. Hopefully, they have time to help you. OK, DIY moving is a tough challenge. Hiring a professional mover is your best option. We are cheaper than DIY. Call us today and get a free quote, we will send one of our experts to your property for an on-site assessment.

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