Protecting Your Moisture Meter From Extreme Winter Cold

Protecting Your Moisture Meter From Extreme Winter Cold

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The Winter is the coldest months in the season calendar. When you feel the first freezing breeze; you take out your winter jacket, which was in the dark for almost 9 months. Well, I love the winter even though many people hate it. No matter the season, we have DIY house projects to complete. Why do we wear gloves in the winter when going out. Well, that’s because our fingers get frozen, and after a few days; you will suffer from chilblains. In the same manner, the extreme winter cold affects sensitive materials, including the tools and equipment.

Well, your hammer and the pliers would survive even if you hide them under the snow layer, but the electronics can damage under extreme conditions. So, no difference for your Moisture Meter too. Extreme cold and moisture can destroy a Moisture Meter easily. So, if you happen to woodworking under a snowfall, it’s better you know how to protect your precious Moisture Meter from cold. Well, I know that you can’t stop your DIY project even is it’s snowing. That’s why I am here to give you some tips on keeping your precious instruments safe until the spring comes.

* The ideal temperature-controlled environment for a Moisture Meter: Well, every electronic instrument should rest in a cool, dry environment when not being used. Anyway, a cool, dry place would be enough for other seasons. But the Winter is a special season. While you can keep your hammers and pliers in the garage or back tool shed, the Moisture Meter deserves something better until the cold months are over. OK, you know how it feels in the garage/shed in the winter (like a freezer, right?) Keep it in the original case/box and find a place in the house where you regulate the temperature. Try to minimize the duration you working with it outside under falling snow and as soon as it finishes its job, put it in the temperature-controlled place.

Moisture Meter

* No sudden temperature changes: Avoid taking your Moisture Meter from a cold to hot area suddenly. Let me explain it with a day-to-day life experience. Imagine you forget your gloves, and were just keeping your hands inside the pockets and spent a few hours under falling snow and extreme cold. How would you feel your fingers then? Well, I have this horrible experience, when I stayed outside under falling snow and my fingers started to pain badly. So, I ran to the hot water tap and held the hands under running hot tap water. At that instance, I felt good, but later I realized the mistake I made when I got severe chilblains on both the hands. I had to go to a doctor, and I said what I did. Never take anything delicate from extreme cold to hot suddenly. A Moisture Meter is a delicate instrument, so protect it well.

* Check your Moisture Meter Calibration: Checking calibration from time to time lets you know whether your meter is giving you accurate readings when working under extreme conditions (especially, when you are using a wood meter.) As a proud owner of a Moisture Meter, you know how to check its calibration for sure.

Some final words: We must complete our DIY projects, no matter the season. Anyway, if you use precautions; you can protect yourself and your tool/equipment when working under extreme conditions. Don’t let the extreme winter cold destroy your precious electronics.

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