Free SEO Analysis Free SEO Tools To Analyse Your Website

Free SEO Analysis Free SEO Tools To Analyse Your Website

Free SEO Analysis: Free SEO Tools To Analyse Your Website

Every business owner wishes his company website to take the top spot in search engines. Anyway, it doesn’t always happen because of the high competition for that top spot. Have you ever wondered why your website is not even visible on Google? Yes, you got something to worry about then. Maybe you hired the wrong SEO company. Even though I am not going to explain the power of SEO in this article, I would like to talk a bit about SEO companies. Many SEO companies claim that they can generate web traffic within 24 hours. Did you know what Google says about the number one spot? No one can guarantee the number one spot, that’s what Google says.

OK, Now I am coming to the main topic. Free SEO Analysis for your website. Some SEO firms provide this service to clients when clients hire them. Anyway, I will discuss free tools available to DIY it.

1) Google Webmaster Tool

 Yes, Google is the king of all search engines. In my opinion, Google is the search engines that made SEO to what’s it today. Since it’s the king of all search engines, understanding the way Google sees your website is critical. This novice-friendly SEO Free Analysis explains the fundamentals. Google fetch is a good example. Enjoy the benefits of it for free.

2)  Moz Pro ToolsFree SEO Analysis

 Another one of the most effective Free SEO Analysis tools available today. Anyway, it will only be free for a 30-day period. Still, I wanted it to be on this list due to its effectiveness. It will let you identify SEO opportunities. “Improve rankings and search engine visibility with the complete SEO toolset.” That’s what it says on their website

3) Check My Links

 This useful Free SEO Analysis tool lets you confirm that links on your web page do actually work (you can check both internal and external links.) It’s a broken link checker. Before a page goes live, you must make sure its links are fine It can detect any problems in a matter of seconds. Also, you can use it for free. No trial or later payments required.

4) SEO Report Card

 Another great Free SEO Analysis tool to enjoy just by giving your contact information. It gives a report covering many important SEO aspects such as Link Building, Rank Analysis, Website Accessibility, Current Indexing, Trust Metrics, and On-Site Analysis. So, why don’t you visit their website

5) HubSpot’s Website Grader

 You must have heard about the Website Grader released back in 2007. But here I am talking about the latest version of it. You can use it totally for free. Mobile-readiness, security, SEO, and performance are the key metrics that you can get reports on from it. To get started, all they ask is your E-mail address and website URL.

Some final words

 Well, all the SEO Free Analysis tools I explained in this article are great. Anyway, in my opinion; you can’t compare it to hiring an SEO company and their analysis. So, if your business website is not performing well, talk to an SEO specialist as the first step.

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