Are you worried about the budget you have for organizing your wedding?

Are you worried about the budget you have for organizing your wedding?

Wedding Videography Melbourne: How To Organise a Wedding On a Tight Budget?

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Are you worried about the budget you have for organizing your wedding? Don’t worry. You can organize a perfect wedding with the money you have. Today, Wedding Videography Melbourne is here to guide you on how to organize your wedding with the money you have in hand. How can you do it? Yes, weddings are expensive. But you can cut all unwanted expenses. People spend so much money on unwanted things on a wedding because someone else had done it before. Why do you want to compare yourself with another?

If you understand the true meaning of a wedding, then you will not worry about organizing a wedding on a tight budget. Well, even if you are very rich; don’t waste money on non-essential things.

* Cut the guest list: You can save a quite a lot if you take this step. Cost for invitations, catering, and so on. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: it is dead simple. The more the number of guests, the more the wedding cost. Your close friends, family, and some neighbors are just enough to be there.

* Avoid the peak season: Wedding Videography Melbourne gets the highest number of bookings between October and November. Spring is the busiest season for wedding planners. Roughly about 37% annual wedding in Australia take place during the spring.

Are you ready for a winter wedding? Well, it is the least busy season. Also, about 62% of the couples in Austra


lia get married on a Saturday. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Organizing your wedding on an off-season can save you thousands. Most wedding vendors including us give discounts for off-season bookings. Only 2% of the couples got married on a Monday in 2015. Well, maybe that is because some say getting married on a Monday is unlucky. Who knows whether what they say is true? Skip the Saturday wedding though.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

* Cut expenses on flower decorations: Flower decorations can add more personality to a wedding. Anyway, flower decorations are expensive than ever today. What can you do with them later? Nothing. So, if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, don’t spend thousands on flower decoration that will go off at the end of the ceremony. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: Using more greenery than flowers can save you money. If you prefer flower decorations over greenery, then don’t go for expensive stuff such as peonies. Roses is a better option for you.

* Don’t book a full bar. Wine, beer, and a cocktail – more than enough unless you are a millionaire. You can Skip the champagne toast too.

* Book vendors in advance including Wedding Videography Melbourne: Last-minute bookings can cost you more than early bookings (especially, in the peak season.) Some wedding vendors try to promote many things to earn more money. Say no to them straight away. Once you have finalized the budget, don’t spend more than it.

Some final words: You can DIY some things such as escort cards, menu cards, and so on. Don’t spend thousands on the DJ and the band. If your favorite wedding photographer is too expensive to afford, go for a cheaper option (never DIY photography and videography though.) Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts from vendors including Wedding Videography Melbourne.

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