Survival Tips By Wedding Videography Melbourne For a Hot Summer Wedding

Survival Tips By Wedding Videography Melbourne For a Hot Summer Wedding

Wedding Videography Melbourne

While spring is the most popular wedding season in Australia, about 19% of the total weddings take place in the summer. Which means 19 out of 100 couples in Australia get married on a hot day. WeddingVidepgraphy Melbourne blog has articles on planning a wedding in the winter. Well, the hot climate is the biggest challenge when getting married in the summer. The hottest recorded temperature in Melbourne 46.4 °C (115.5 °F), 7 February 2009. Well, the hottest minimum recorded temperature in Melbourne 30.5 °C (86.9 °F), 1 February 1902. So, the summer in Melbourne is hot like in hell.

So, how can you survive the extreme heat? Today, Wedding Videography Melbourne is here to give you survival tips on this hot topic. Let’s begin.

* Offer something cold to the guests: Dehydration is common in summertime. So, offering a glass of bubbly when guests arrive is not advisable. They need something refreshing to overcome the heat challenge. Ice water is very refreshing, but let’s offer them pitchers of fruit-infused ice water. It is more refreshing than just plain ice water. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: fruits like water melon and mango can reduce body temperature when taken as a juice. Water melon is the best choice.

* Hot chairs can burn their butts: Yes, if you are going to have an outside function in the boiling summer; then wooden or metal chairs can get heated to a point where it can burn some butts. Cover the chairs with fabric covers or cushions.

* Say no to liquid makeup: At Wedding Videography Melbourne, we love to capture beautiful brides. Well, every bride is beautiful. Anyway, don’t let that makeup ruin your natural beauty by dripping on your face. Powder-based makeup is better for hot climates. You will not have time to run to the dressing room and clear out the makeup that is dripping on your face. It will be a disaster.

* A summer wedding survival kit: When the temperature reaches 30 Celsius; you will start to sweat like in a sauna. The long dress you will be wearing will make the situation worse. Wedding Videography Melbourne tip: all the brides should have a sweat-survival kit ready for the bridal party. A sunscreen, body wipes, and a deodorant should go in the survival kit. Well, the groom too should have a survival kit ready for the big day.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

* Choose the hairstyle wisely: Well, this tip is for the brides. Talk with your hairdresser first. If you have a long, thick hair; then consider a hair tie. Some hair styles can make you sweat more. Wedding Videography Melbourne doesn’t know much about hairstyles, but we came across this great article (

* Look after your guests: Provide them a pair of sunnies if you can. You can customize sunglasses according to your wedding theme. Make sure they get enough fluids to keep hydrated themselves.

Some final words: As mentioned, about 19% of the couples in Australia get married on a hot day. At Wedding Videography Melbourne, we advise you to go for a spring wedding. Other than some raining periods, the weather in the spring is ideal for a peaceful wedding. Anyway, the choice is yours. The fall is the second most popular wedding season in Australia. Think carefully and make the decision so.

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